A quick guide to Whistler’s mountain bike trails

Best for beginners: Lost Lake Trails

Our picks: Pinocchio’s Furniture, Jellyroll Gumdrop, & Grand Wazoo.

Just five minutes of mellow pedalling from Whistler Village lies the tranquil forest network of Lost Lake – home to some of the best mountain bike trails in Whistler. This area provides a plethora of trails in the forest with lots of options for beginner to intermediate riders. There is just one black trail, which has enough spice to push those who are comfortable on blues. Whether you’re just starting out or a strong intermediate, Lost Lake’s singletrack is perfect to get a feeling for the type of terrain, features, and style of cross-country riding that makes Whistler’s bike scene. After a sweaty ride, be sure to finish with a dip in Lost Lake itself! Insider tip: the dock on the far side of the lake is a well-known nudey spot.

Best for intermediates: Westside Trails

Our picks: Danimal North, Chipmunk Rebellion & Beaver Pass

Some of the oldest and best trails in Whistler can be found in the Westside trail network. Whistler’s Westside trails are perfect for improving your climbing and descending. Part of the excitement of these trails is the adventure of getting there. Danimal, one of our favourites, is split into three sections, Danimal Middle, Danimal South and Danimal North. Riders looking to gain elevation quickly and at a lower intensity can climb up Stonebridge Drive for some nice, forgiving tarmac. Many trails, however, are accessed from the infamous Flank Trail, a challenging but exhilarating climb in every direction. In addition to exciting and fast descents, the Westside area boasts the best some of the best views of Blackcomb and Whistler Mountains, and only get better the higher you go.

Best for advanced: Whistler North

Our picks: Out There & Comfortably Numb

Love trails with tons of jank and no real flow? Then Whistler North is for you. It’s actually nicknamed the ‘No Flow’ zone for that reason. It is the perfect area to push yourself, but be sure you don’t forget your spare tube, patch kit, and pump. It’s also a good idea to use a trail map like Trailforks so that you don’t lose your bearings in the forest. Full of punchy ups and technical downs, Whistler North is the perfect place to improve your hardcore riding. For those wanting an all-day event, try your hand at Comfortably Numb. Combine with Kill Me Thrill Me as a loop for the ultimate cross country experience! If you’re after a hotter lap with just as many challenges as rewards, check out Out There and Happiest Days. The climb is a push, but you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Happy trails!

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